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Scholarship Information

Click here to access the collective scholarship listing!
This is a listing of all the scholarships that are given or sent to me.  They are local, state, and national level scholarships.  Many contain web addresses, but some may indicate to see Mrs. Bunyea for more information.  This list is a periodically updated document that contains new scholarships received and scholarships received in the past.  When a scholarship is added to the list (or updated) it will be listed in red. Students or parents with any questions should contact me.


All seniors applying for scholarships should be aware of the following opportunities - the Herb Kohl, Kohler Foundation, WiRSA, Aurora, ElkhartCares, CSB, AES & TES scholarships.  Be sure to check the form for the respective due dates!

A page linking to nearly 70 free scholarship search sites <>

Check out information about the Lakeland University Promise (qualified Wisconsin students have an opportunity to attend Lakeland tuition/fees free for four years, up to three years for transfer students).  Also the Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) Promise Scholarship (for those that qualify, LTC promises to pay the balance of tuition and fees for eligible students after federal and state grants have been applied).


The local Scholarship Booklet is updated at the end of November for the current senior class.  The application and booklet from the previous year can be viewed, but not completed by current seniors until after it is updated.  The due dates will be generally the same time frame.

Class of 2024 Local Scholarship Booklet!  Seniors -The Class of 2024 booklet is ready! There is no need to print the booklet, as the application and checklist can be downloaded from the link below.  To complete your application, you must return a signed signature page. Please refer to the letter at the front of the booklet for instructions on completing the application.  Be sure to see me with any questions regarding this booklet or the process.  All materials are due to me by 3:30pm on Tuesday, January 22, 2024.

Local Scholarship Booklet Application. Seniors, once the booklet has been updated, you can begin to complete the application. The application will open in google docs.  You must MAKE A COPY of this application in order to complete it.  Please email (or share) this application and supplemental materials, with the exception of recommendation letters and the signature page, to Mrs. Bunyea by 3:30pm on Tuesday, January 22, 2024.  See the 1st page of the booklet for complete instructions! Please be sure to ask if you have any questions or issues with the application.

Local Scholarship Booklet Signature Page.  Seniors - you must print this page and return it to Mrs. Bunyea with a parent or guardian's signature by Tuesday, January 22, 2024.  This form is needed in order to share your application with donors, so be sure to hand it in!